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Bokator - A Traditional Martial Art from Cambodia

Bokator is a traditional martial art from Cambodia. It was developed in early 1700s according to the sources.

Most Bokator techniques closely resembles to Muay Boran, which is a widely popular traditional martial art from Thailand. Many martial artists suggests that this similarity is due to the fact that both styles were developed in the same region in Asia and that they borrowed techniques from each other. Bokator consists of a diverse range of techniques such as, elbows, knees, shin kicks, submissions and ground fighting techniques. In addition, Bokator teaches a number of weapon based techniques too.

As it is seen in Kung Fu, Bokator also has different styles that imitates animals (Horse, bird, naga, eagle and crane). Similar to Shaolin Kung Fu, it is believed that Bokator's roots goes back to ancient India, which actually explains these similarities.

Watch the video below to get a better understanding of this amazing martial art.

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