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Sean Fagan - The Muay Thai Guy

Recently, Fight Light has featured Sean Fagan AKA The Muay Thai Guy, a professional fighter and instructor who lives, trains and fights in Thailand. This article covers a bit about himself and the service he provide for the betterment of the martial arts world.

He is originally from a small town called New Paltz in upstate New York and began his training under JJ Russo, owner of Stockade Muay Thai in Kingston, NY. He trained in the sport for 10 years now and have competed in over 30 fights.

Sean has won two amateur championships, fought on national Thai TV, competed on Lion Fight, and won a title at Madison Square Garden.

Apart from his professional fighting career, he runs his famous website The Muay Thai Guy, interview champions on The Muay Thai Guys podcast, host Muay Thai Vacations all over the world.

Click here to visit his official YouTube channel:

Fight Light is looking forward to work with this awesome martial artist in the future too. So, make sure to subscribe our channel and get ready!

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