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Why Bruce Lee is special?

Almost five decades as passed since the death of legendary Bruce Lee. Yet the name Bruce Lee continues to be the first thing that comes into anyone's mind when talking about martial arts. In this article, I will discuss how Bruce became the icon of martial arts by comparing his specialties with other martial artists and finally add a comparison video that shows the difference between him and Donnie Yen.

Bruce Lee is famous for the ability to utilize his muscles in the most efficient way possible. In fact, it was something that he used to emphasize in most of his interviews. In his words, "You have to keep your reflexes so that when you want it — it’s there. When you want to move — you are moving. And when you move, you are determined to move". What is significant about this is not only he expressed these ideas, he also had proved what he is capable of in front of huge audiences.

One such occasion was when Bruce Lee challenged several real martial artists to defend against his punches and he himself defended their punches while he was blindfolded. It was in the same event that he demonstrated his famous one inch punch and six inch punch.

Bruce Lee's punches are lightening fast. When compared to most other martial artists across the world, it is unbelievable to see how fast Bruce is. Recently, famous martial arts channel Widuliya.Com did a video where they scientifically compare Donnie Yen and Bruce Lee. The results were mind blowing. Undoubtedly, whilst Bruce Lee wins each and every comparison, Widuliya.Com highlights another crucial factor, which brings Bruce Lee a greater honor. That is his stability and effortlessness when performing the techniques.

Watch the video here,

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